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David Parker can provide informative, well-written press releases which will gain maximum exposure for your product or service.  He knows from years of first hand experience that editors and journalists, whether they work in the print, broadcast or electronic media, are always under pressure from deadlines. They have column inches to fill and programmes to make which devour a lot of material. Knowing and giving them what they want means you’re much more likely to get coverage.

Featured editorial is far more effective and a great deal more economical than advertising. Surveys have shown that readers are four times more likely to remember and take an interest in something they have read than something they have seen in an advert. Publishing professionals put it in more basic terms. A page of editorial is worth four pages of ads. 

This is why it’s essential to use targeted PR to regularly offer good editorial opportunities to the media. If a press release isn’t professionally written containing reliable copy it won't get far. Journalists develop acute antenna when it comes to press releases and can spot at a glance when something is poorly written and lacks any genuine newsworthy content. However if you have a reputation for producing quality material it will go to the top of the pile.  
It also helps if, when a journalist wants to discuss a product, he can talk to someone who knows the     
subject and can understand what the journalist needs.
When fielding media enquiries David Parker can   
speak authoritatively on clients’ behalf.